Commercial Fraud, Contract Dispute

In a six year long legal battle that was twice won in separate interrelated trials, and that twice was appealed, the firm won a multi-million dollar verdict for a private lender. The case, described by one observer as a “law school exam on steroids” was successfully brought to conclusion in 2011. Among the many issues in the case were whether the borrower’s owners were personally liable for fraud, whether the property they bought had been fraudulently conveyed, whether third-parties had an ownership interest in the property, and the scope and limits of a charging order against a limited liability company.

Some Recent Transactions the Firm Has Handled:

Successfully handled and negotiated the internal buyout of an otherwise successful family owned distribution company embroiled in acrimonious business and personal disputes ranging from control of the company to the valuation of the business and stock.

A well known auctioneering company with a wide range of internal disputes resulting from the sudden death of one of the founders became enmeshed in shareholder disputes and financial chaos. Through the persistent efforts of Sellman Hoff – even litigation – the shareholders were able to finally resolve their issues and reach a fair financial resolution.