Some Recent Litigation Matters Sellman Hoff Has Handled:

Franchise Revocation and Manufacturer Liability

In a 2010 case involving a manufacturer’s termination of a motor vehicle dealer, the firm fought the manufacturer’s termination in a multi-day trial. As the trial neared its conclusion, the manufacturer was forced to concede its position and agreed to allow the dealer to continue the franchise. In an unprecedented resolution, to conclude the litigation, the manufacturer also agreed to pay the vast bulk of the attorneys’ fees incurred by the dealer.

Executive Employment and Shareholder’s Agreement

In another 2010 case, the firm represented an executive who had sold the majority of his stock to a large multistate commercial construction firm. The company ultimately terminated the executive, claimed that the termination was for cause, and asserted that it owed the executive no severance. The company also sought to buy out the balance of the Executive’s stock for a reduced value. After a week long arbitration, the Executive was awarded nearly nine hundred thousand dollars in severance and in payment for the stock, along with substantial attorneys’ fees and interest. The award vastly exceeded the company’s offers.